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Technomics Research Services

Technomics Research provides several types of analyses and related services that aim to demonstrate the value of your healthcare product. Frequently, new technologies are approved for market based on improved clinical results, but they are also more expensive. In these cases, payers and purchasers often need to understand how cost-effective your product is compared to its competitors. Or, you may have a technology that reduces cost without sacrificing the clinical benefit. In this case, you likely need a cost-minimization analysis. If the product is capital equipment, the purchaser may need an ROI (return on investment) analysis. Technomics Research can help you assess what kind of analysis would be most effective.

Available Services
  • Economic modeling and analyses: cost-effectiveness, cost-minimization, cost-utility, ROI, budget impact, and others
  • Outcomes research, study design, and analysis
  • Disease management program evaluation
  • Technology assessment
  • Clinical research, study design, and analysis
  • Statistical design and analysis (Bayesian and Frequentist)
linical study statistics | clinical trial statistics

Technomics Research Products

The design or analysis is only the first phase of a project. The second is delivering the results in a way that is meaningful to the intended audience. For example, do you need to make the case to a regulatory body to approve your product for market? Do you need to make a case for the value of your product to insurers so that they cover and pay for the technology? Do you need to make the case to hospital purchasers and physicians, so that they purchase your technology instead of the competitor’s? Do you need to demonstrate improved outcomes to a health plan’s medical director so that the plan uses your disease-management program or changes the formulary tier to which your pharmaceutical has been assigned? We offer a variety of formats in which the case can be delivered.

Available Products
  • Interactive Sales Tools (PC based)
  • White Papers
  • Journal Articles
  • Sales/Marketing Brochures and Pamphlets
  • Technical Reports
  • Presentations
linical study statistics | clinical trial statistics