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Technomics Research is a consulting service dedicated to the demonstration of the value and effectiveness of healthcare technologies in support of regulatory approval, coverage, reimbursement, and rapid adoption and dissemination. Technomics Research’s statisticians and health economists use cutting-edge modeling and analytic techniques to create a variety of media to make your case to regulators, healthcare payers, purchasers, and providers.

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Melissa Martinson, MS PhD


Dr. Martinson is a health services researcher and biostatistician, and is Adjunct Associate Professor in the Division of Health Policy and Management, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota.

Dr. Martinson’s commercial experience includes 20 years of clinical trials, health economics, and outcomes studies in both medical device and pharmaceutical companies.
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Noel Martinson, BS

Director, IT and Analytics

Noel Martinson is a software developer and data analyst with over 20 years of experience in manipulating large datasets for analysis and modeling in complex software systems. Before joining Technomics Research, he was responsible for software development and validation in mid-sized technology companies.
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Louise H. Anderson, PhD, FSA | Health Services Researcher | Technomics Research

Louise H. Anderson, PhD, FSA

Principal Health Economist

Louise H. Anderson, PhD, FSA is a health services researcher and actuary with experience in commercial insurance and academic research.

Dr. Anderson has over 15 years of experience in the life and health insurance industries, including predictive modeling for the health care industry and product development and pricing of life insurance and annuities.
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Teresa Nelson, MS

Principal Statistician

Teresa Nelson, MS is a biostatistician with over 15 years experience in the medical device industry in the areas of statistics and health economics. She has extensive experience in study design strategy, analysis of data, and interpretation of results. She is also well-versed in writing reports for government regulatory bodies, for commercial insurers, and for publication in journals. She has worked on projects in all phases of research from feasibility or pre-market to those supporting market approval and post-market and outcomes studies.
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Manya Harsch, MS | Biostatistician | Technomics Research, LLC

Manya Harsch, MS

Principal Statistician

Manya Harsch, MS is a biostatistician at Technomics Research, LLC with over 10 years of experience in the medical device industry. She has worked at major medical device companies with emphasis on cardiac and urological devices. She is an enthusiastic, experienced critical thinker with a strong statistical background, solid biological training, and an understanding of clinical trials.
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Katrina Harper, BS


Katrina is a statistician with two years of experience working in public health policy and statistical consulting. She has over four years of experience with data analysis and statistical programming. Katrina has degrees in Math and Statistics from Carleton College.
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Nikita Martinson, BS

Administrative Intern

Niki Martinson is an administrative intern and recent graduate of Cornell College, specializing in Psychology and Biology. Prior to joining Technomics Research, he participated in research-based studies through his college for five years which gave him experience not only in data analyses, but also in data collection and statistical modeling. He then transferred his focus to business administration and is currently pursuing an MBA.

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